The Sun Coffee Time Crossword April 13 2021 Answers

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The Sun Coffee Time Crossword April 13 2021 Answers:

Crested lizard 6 letters IGUANA
Neatly attired 6 letters DAPPER
Narrow street 4 letters LANE
Postal wrapper 8 letters ENVELOPE
Journalist 8 letters REPORTER
Albacore or bluefin 4 letters TUNA
Become visible 6 letters APPEAR
Football team 6 letters ELEVEN
Card game 4 letters SNAP
Social butterfly 8 letters GADABOUT
Italian dessert 8 letters TIRAMISU
Ceremony 4 letters RITE
Harsh 6 letters SEVERE
Herd minder 6 letters DROVER
Harsh light 5 letters GLARE
Dreaded 7 letters AWESOME
Catalyst 5 letters AGENT
Separation 7 letters DIVORCE
Aviator 5 letters PILOT
Incurred cost 7 letters EXPENSE
Meditative 7 letters PENSIVE
Jazz style 7 letters RAGTIME
Blockade 7 letters EMBARGO
Tranquility 5 letters PEACE
Ancient Celtic priest 5 letters DRUID
Release as knot 5 letters UNTIE

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