The Independents Cryptic Crossword September 28 2021 Answers

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The Independents Cryptic Crossword September 28 2021 Answers:

Luthor perhaps figures in reference books 8 letters LEXICONS
Secrets penned by co-star can alarm 6 letters ARCANA
Soft pencil is required for flyer 4 letters IBIS
Papers oddly eschewing coolest pin-ups 5 letters IDOLS
Clutch starts to eat small crabs 6 letters GRIPES
Most fashionable of stars met cast 8 letters SMARTEST
Films get lost by vacuous teenagers 6 letters SHOOTS
Fellow confronted about making Java drug-free? 6 letters DECAFF
Mash up hare’s last bit of appendix for prophet 8 letters HARUSPEX
Smugglers left to finish one’s healthy breakfast 6 letters MUESLI
Kiss in tense film script 4 letters TEXT
Company boss limits amateur’s brief appearance 5 letters CAMEO
Fluid from bottles maybe working drip returned 4 letters VINO
Duck stopping stops ducks 6 letters STOOPS
Earwig gleaming having shed skin 8 letters LISTENIN
Heads off to deal with this gatekeeper? 8 letters CERBERUS
Tax department underwriting American shows 4 letters AIRS
Screenings of birthmarks essentially down by 88% 6 letters MOVIES
Embrace special powers to oversee Yorkshire Water? 7 letters ESPOUSE
Creature in a new feature climbing tops of Kensington East 8 letters RATSNAKE
Highlight is a cute cat leaping across tiny space 10 letters ACCENTUATE
Secures sluggish individual cycling 5 letters NAILS
Chuck supports characters in the same old roles 8 letters TYPECAST
Document mostly deconstructed minor style of drama 8 letters FILMNOIR
Partner once given plenty of warning 7 letters EXAMPLE
Actor’s representation of a well-mannered person 5 letters AGENT
Movement in Io as possibly captured by thousands 6 letters MAOISM
Change direction of film that lacks heart 4 letters VEER

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