The Independents Cryptic Crossword September 27 2021 Answers

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The Independents Cryptic Crossword September 27 2021 Answers:

Actor reflected on the subject of food – plant-based food 10 letters BEANBURGER
Factory is initially removed to make way for a shopping centre 4 letters MALL
Expression of frustration about a ring road somewhere in Hertfordshire 7 letters WATFORD
President taking time with good shots on the green 7 letters PUTTING
Going back headed for an exit 9 letters EGRESSION
Doctor tries another examination 5 letters RESIT
Sounds beginning at the left part of the mouth 5 letters BLIPS
Completely and remarkably weird niche trousers 9 letters EVERYINCH
Criticise players in front of international fans who’ve paid to watch 9 letters CASTIGATE
Uncover extremes of in-fighting hidden by party 5 letters DIGUP
Tobacco in tin used up 5 letters SNOUT
Vehicle travelling east (not south) or west 9 letters TWOSEATER
Advances in marketing of Japanese medical kit? 7 letters INROADS
On retirement give a speech that’s hated 7 letters REVILED
The crux of marrying is trust 4 letters GIST
Broadcast on iPlayer buffers at the start with no means of being fixed 10 letters INOPERABLY
London district heralding extremely inventive musician 5 letters BOWIE
Video game created by American on drugs 9 letters ASTEROIDS
Healthcare provider’s customers centrally held in automated systems 5 letters BOOTS
Labour policy is something that won’t be compromised 7 letters REDLINE
Old sheet covering small area 7 letters EXPANSE
Nice friends succeeded? Wrong! 5 letters AMISS
Navigational craft easily performed last of tasks with it 9 letters LIGHTSHIP
Multi-level shop looked to have a late opening? 8 letters STOREYED
Action on course to promote change in voting habits 9 letters BACKSWING
Satirical lively Scotsman 8 letters SWIFTIAN
Storage facility set up outside back of arena 3 letters VAT
Heads of campus halls worked with uni and LGBT music venue 9 letters NIGHTCLUB
One skilled amateur trains frantically 7 letters ARTISAN
Bloke got ripped partly as a morale booster 7 letters EGOTRIP
Leader ousted from one-time car plant 5 letters ORRIS
Little fish always grabs line 5 letters ELVER
Former New York official smuggling diamonds? Damn! 5 letters RUDDY

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