The Independents Cryptic Crossword September 26 2020 Answers

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The Independent’s Cryptic Crossword September 26 2020 Answers

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Hostess with young man stretching limits of legality 8 letters LANDLADY
Get over junk you shouldn’t have internalised 6 letters OBTAIN
Texan can brush over preposterous hat 8 letters BATHROOM
Returning songbird impishly carries bit of leaf 6 letters MIDRIB
Turn head of terminally lovesick sheep? 9 letters LIVESTOCK
Dutch wants depravity the horny fellow 5 letters DEVIL
Scrap very loud sex when retired 4 letters TIFF
Is Raab desperately trying to start being a foreign expert? 7 letters ARABIST
About to master four-letter word usages 7 letters CUSTOMS
Produced wind to sound rude 4 letters BLEW
A little hairy spider brought about a state of turmoil 5 letters SYRIA
Appear to enjoy drinking a double 9 letters LOOKALIKE
Sympathetic lady in Papuan attire stripped regularly 6 letters AUNTIE
Spooner’s to use motivational tactic getting a drink in America 8 letters ROOTBEER
Go green in a weird way and articulate why 6 letters ENERGY
Beauty to behold by the outskirts of Caerphilly 8 letters EYECANDY
Liable to change 6 letters LABILE
Tory leader visits unsuspecting resident 6 letters NATIVE
Drawers learn using repetition endlessly sketching faces 5 letters LURES
Operation cancelled with doctor beginning to fall asleep 7 letters DROPOFF
But will she see you after this? 9 letters BLINDDATE
A flower cutting to have in France – cheers! 8 letters AUREVOIR
Greek character missing a knack for sexiness 8 letters NUBILITY
Essential ingredients to cook rabbit gumbo 4 letters OKRA
Assassinates duchess with steel-bladed boot 8 letters ICESKATE
Rowdy gents are cut off 8 letters ESTRANGE
Amazingly fit and also single but so out of touch 14 letters SELF ISOLATING
I go by mainly old Byzantine life lessons 7 letters BIOLOGY
I have to open some booze to concede defeat 6 letters GIVEIN
Sound like an ass welcoming foreign visitor to shop 6 letters BETRAY
Barely rate jerk in Upper Chamber 5 letters ATTIC

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