The Independents Cryptic Crossword September 24 2021 Answers

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The Independents Cryptic Crossword September 24 2021 Answers:

Problems after man leads navy round very hot part of England 12 letters MALVERNHILLS
Skill I observed in chap describing another planet 7 letters MARTIAN
What comes after a flight is a pause between flights 7 letters LANDING
Very chilly pass in high surroundings 9 letters STONECOLD
An American backed importing a Finnish bath 5 letters SAUNA
Animation image incorporating infrared 6 letters SPIRIT
Scientist representing flair on DNA links right? 17 letters ROSALIND FRANKLIN
Happen a storm will sink a famous ship 6 letters BEAGLE
Contributions to tutor are reasonably less common 5 letters RARER
Resident mostly irritable about curtailed trip 9 letters SOJOURNER
Regret backing areas including South Island as large land mass 7 letters EURASIA
Argues children should receive bill perversely 7 letters DEBATES
Preserve and can ineptly? Everyone initially keeping at it 12 letters PERSEVERANCE
Independent supporting a religious leader from general principles 7 letters APRIORI
Wrong to limit ordinary opinion 5 letters VOICE
Staff getting over adopting new musical movement 5 letters RONDO
Henry left party – old King identifying this exit? 8 letters HALLDOOR
View showing first and last of lighthouses on headland 9 letters LANDSCAPE
Arousing stuff? No good shunning lusting – I’m aroused 7 letters STIMULI
I prophesied a majority? Not quite 4 letters AMOS
Nobleman note included in fifth level? 7 letters GRANDEE
Fish product for those at sea (not hard) 7 letters SOFTROE
Source of wipeout unfortunately near skier 9 letters INKERASER
Discourage a director absorbed by dead topic 8 letters DISSUADE
Relief mission perhaps bearing a bit of alcohol? 7 letters AIRDROP
Adduce Beethoven’s Ninth say on reflection describing variation in form? 7 letters GENETIC
Japanese move ousting British arbiter 5 letters JUDGE
Some hesitation over bikini top’s shade 5 letters UMBRA

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