The Independents Cryptic Crossword September 23 2022 Answers

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The Independents Cryptic Crossword September 23 2022 Answers:

Bishop is working for endangered European animal 5 letters BISON
Exploiter of current culture redrawing a top strip 9 letters POPARTIST
Theatre performer disposing of stout and beer 9 letters SOUBRETTE
In good condition having accumulated fine years in several decades 5 letters FIFTY
Biblical books exist to back lyric inspiration 5 letters ERATO
Fellow from school not up to date about Conservative problem 8 letters OBSTACLE
Drink party organiser curtailed – heavens 6 letters WHISKY
Flying ace pilot of a lyrical bent 8 letters POETICAL
It’s used for transporting pile given to playwright 8 letters RICKSHAW
Source of colour in some light defined by study 6 letters CRAYON
Strasbourg body with time to seal border for transient issues 8 letters EPHEMERA
Little point keeping recording in reserve 5 letters DEPOT
No longer affected by tense public 5 letters OVERT
Bird one roused circling lake – one doesn’t take the safest route 9 letters JAYWALKER
Inflammation: skill with this involved bringing in bits of remedial intervention 9 letters ARTHRITIS
Like a Buick say unable to go much further? 5 letters TIRED
Country in difficulties not offering case to get employment in eco-furniture? 10 letters BASKETWORK
Second island to get diving kit 5 letters SCUBA
Runs into no popular music? Things are flat around here 7 letters NORFOLK
Language probably Turkish in extreme instances acceptable 6 letters PYTHON
Friends question pornographic entertainment? 8 letters PEEPSHOW
Turn aside rule in official piece of legislation 7 letters REFRACT
Maintaining pursuit overwhelmed by tears? 9 letters INFULLCRY
Conservative’s ignoring Republican trifles 4 letters TOYS
All intrude rudely being mean 10 letters ILLNATURED
Italy from earliest times not initially welcoming Greek character at the outset 9 letters INCIPIENT
Squirt? Ne’er-do-well with joke always shunned by Society 8 letters WATERJET
Curse about temperature change finally from one responding to heat? 7 letters SWEATER
Sparkling harangue securing upturn in support 7 letters RADIANT
Lusty men try desperately to get into crack regiment 6 letters SATYRS
Something to stir up a game 5 letters POKER

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