The Independents Cryptic Crossword September 15 2021 Answers

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The Independents Cryptic Crossword September 15 2021 Answers:

Halfwit caught flies in pile of sand 4 letters DUNE
Commotion as American seen in Yorkshire city with bear 10 letters HULLABALOO
Motorboat is trapped in Corfu weir every so often 7 letters CRUISER
Reportedly overprotecting young fish 7 letters CODLING
Suitable pen-friend? 13 letters CORRESPONDENT
Front page story: priest punches hack 6 letters SPLASH
Happen to pass former electrical store on Parisian street 8 letters COMETRUE
European guided by reputation decorated in New York 8 letters ENAMELED
Part of TV detective associated with Lewis primarily 6 letters MORSEL
Layer of molluscs damaged porthole frame 13 letters MOTHEROFPEARL
Vote against regular cycling rally 7 letters CONVENE
Prince (as he was formerly known) originally acquired uniform in red 7 letters PONCEAU
After month in recession gave angry tirade about store’s termination being certain 10 letters GUARANTEED
Long drain beginning to dry out 4 letters ITCH
Flapper somewhat consoles sick cider-drinking revolutionary 10 letters DICKCISSEL
Dicky learnt uranium is lacking noticeable colour 7 letters NEUTRAL
University exercises right to be included but it’s not ready 6 letters UNRIPE
One who permits suckers to get rinsed essentially by old rector 8 letters LICENSOR
Rotten fish is sent back 3 letters BAD
In Irish province Nationalist is wanting Trident 7 letters LEISTER
Disabled beggar’s topless sex party 4 letters ORGY
Stan messes about in test 10 letters ASSESSMENT
Look at father and important financial figures close to agreeing – amazing! 10 letters EYEPOPPING
Hearty emotion produced in telephone call: Lay off that’s disgusting! 10 letters BELLYLAUGH
Principle covering boyfriends in flat 8 letters TENEMENT
Shot in back procuring a toxic gas 7 letters AMMONIA
Over the phone picture best wild plant 7 letters SEABEET
Run into thicket to laugh uncontrollably 6 letters CORPSE
Nearly learned to inject cocaine and heroin 4 letters SCAG
Time in therapy 3 letters ERA

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