The Independents Cryptic Crossword October 31 2020 Answers

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The Independent’s Cryptic Crossword October 31 2020 Answers

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Frightful collection of presents accepted by good party members 12 letters GHOSTSTORIES
Artist bringing in name for mass performance piece 5 letters NONET
Amid commotion doctor slayed sloth? 9 letters DEADLYSIN
Bank takes in stray hound 7 letters TERRIER
Rider Haggard’s work reflected island author 7 letters SHELLEY
Mad supremo the creator of Man 10 letters PROMETHEUS
Inch of grass with section snipped 4 letters EDGE
Creature expert packs special item for cold climes 4 letters VEST
Keeper in grounds stopped by a beast’s cry 10 letters GAMEWARDEN
Protests spread our opium regularly being returned 7 letters UPROARS
Stop filming after English town loses last crop 7 letters CREWCUT
Drunk on about work in circus feature 9 letters TIGHTROPE
Bolt conforming to a certain standard 5 letters LEGIT
12’s novel outspoken genius needing information in the first instance 12 letters FRANKENSTEIN
Monster trap tiny animal discovered 9 letters GINORMOUS
Hammer Studio earlier evacuated stranger 8 letters OUTSIDER
House that you dared to enter finally 5 letters TUDOR
Run fluids into vessel (urn safest perhaps) 9 letters TRANSFUSE
Help judge to cross lounge 6 letters RELIEF
Painter might use this beheaded beast 5 letters EASEL
Side of shoe some jumping whippets nip 6 letters INSTEP
Catalyst ‘Z’ in Yemen reprocessed 6 letters ENZYME
Monument captain’s installed on pitch 9 letters HEADSTONE
Figure of lost bird circling cage around noon 9 letters DODECAGON
Bony parts of crown broken by girl 8 letters PATELLAE
Containers store skulls centrally in chambers 6 letters VAULTS
Score absent from bottom of table 6 letters NOTATE
Secure mesh mounted below nocturnal thing 6 letters BATTEN
Feeling of chilliness initially from repellant assistant 5 letters RIGOR
Strategic diversion possibly caught Rudolf in WWII 5 letters CHESS

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