The Independents Cryptic Crossword October 23 2021 Answers

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The Independents Cryptic Crossword October 23 2021 Answers:

Time limit is reason you can’t phone? 8 letters DEADLINE
Examiner is more irritable without one 6 letters TESTER
Pirate gets a bit of a shock finding gun 9 letters FLINTLOCK
Primarily Christmas air Noel regularly featured? 5 letters CAROL
Not all respect a large naval officer 7 letters ADMIRAL
Fighting half-heartedly being merciful 7 letters SPARING
When out English batsman feels humiliation 13 letters SELFABASEMENT
Bird back by river tucked into fish little bits at a time 13 letters DRIBSANDDRABS
He scored 100 batting in international trophy making comeback 7 letters PUCCINI
Secured by advance payment I start to make a living 7 letters ANIMATE
Expression tense for Mike and Wally 5 letters IDIOT
Cast get a car to Petersham? 9 letters GREATCOAT
Rev returned to fetch something small and valuable 6 letters NUGGET
Knowing about April being stormy as spring proceeds? 8 letters SPIRALLY
Heads of dodgy enterprise exploit loss 6 letters DEFEAT
Man wants a vote on principle 5 letters AXIOM
A £50 rate working on the side 7 letters LATERAL
Unattractive and plain I go into salon finally for makeover 13 letters NOOILPAINTING
Isolated area in French grotto containing lake 7 letters ENCLAVE
On retirement I blast head for unpunctuality 9 letters TARDINESS
At the end demote member in rank? 8 letters RELEGATE
Fool around in class needing slap to restore peace? 13 letters KISSANDMAKEUP
Long to have smart clothing? Sewing is required 9 letters STITCHING
Approval of choice of commercial? 8 letters ADOPTION
Saliva test involved with lip 7 letters SPITTLE
One who flies from Scandinavia to Russia 7 letters AVIATOR
Posh folk gradually changing sides 6 letters GENTRY
Bikini for one adult comes with cost 5 letters ATOLL

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