The Independents Cryptic Crossword October 20 2020 Answers

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The Independent’s Cryptic Crossword October 20 2020 Answers

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Cameron perhaps fated to spill daughter’s secret 11 letters CLANDESTINE
Dinghy for one dropping off old fly-by-night? 3 letters BAT
ITV say Detective Charlie McCluskey’s retiring 7 letters CHANNEL
Pirate singing bawdy sea shanty 7 letters CORSAIR
Naval officer to requisition one leaving base? 9 letters COMMANDER
School with American vowel sound? 5 letters SCHWA
Neil got ugly freckle 7 letters LENTIGO
Rump steak’s prime cut to swallow 4 letters SEAT
Eclipse London-bound coach 7 letters UPSTAGE
Will the writer – asks Connery – store books here? 5 letters SHELF
One anchored at sea sparks up joint 9 letters LIGHTSHIP
Produce bake with light crust and a very soggy bottom! 7 letters LAKEBED
Optical illusion on a butterfly’s wing? 7 letters EYESPOT
Tarnish articulate BBC politics presenter 3 letters MAR
Secret coup I organised being fixated on sovereignty 11 letters EUROSCEPTIC
About to probe Chanel the French globally-recognised brand 8 letters COCACOLA
Marginal difference causing concern 8 letters ALARMING
Summer party Ms Summers set up 5 letters DONNA
24ct very aged cover good lining 9 letters SOLIDGOLD
Suffer a bit of pain currently 5 letters INCUR
English charitable foundation endlessly preserves old Europeans 9 letters ETRUSCANS
Cliff Richard’s last after Sandie Shaw on the radio … yeah weird 8 letters BEACHY H
Warning nurse about hospital 6 letters THREAT
Fiancée regularly skipped introduction to fairy tale – beyond words! 9 letters INEFFABLE
They traffic sheepskin boots in all sizes all over Queens 9 letters SMUGGLERS
Court impounding cheapo plastic vase from France 8 letters CACHEPOT
Tyrannical Democrat in charge detaining tortured poets 8 letters DESPOTIC
UK releases my work – I’m not welcome here 13 letters ASYLUM SEEKER
Chap stowing away boy-king? 5 letters LADER
Bottomless sea motif 5 letters THEME

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