The Independents Cryptic Crossword October 18 2020 Answers

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The Independent’s Cryptic Crossword October 18 2020 Answers

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Name first victim after school pianist 8 letters SCHNABEL
Gratitude from Oscar-winner Tom? 6 letters THANKS
Right to escape the Westminster madhouse? 15 letters POLITICALASYLUM
Grunge band unconvincing here at last shows bite 4 letters EDGE
Greatly increase receipts: that brings surprised reaction 10 letters DOUBLETAKE
Encounter worthless horse 8 letters BUMPINTO
Busy worker recoils at first drink 4 letters BEER
Bird or birds migrating west 4 letters SKUA
Race that generates more than local interest? 8 letters NATIONAL
Spar put in advertisement for e-mail manager 10 letters POSTMASTER
Price of round and capacious cups? 4 letters ODDS
Unusual reproduction in earphones gets distorted 15 letters PARTHENOGENESIS
Commercial outlet in run-up to Christmas 6 letters ADVENT
Natural illumination in view across one French lake 8 letters SUNLIGHT
Bananas in dull bag coming to fantasy realm 15 letters CLOUDCUCKOOLAND
Beak to imprison one creating clamour 5 letters NOISE
Mike secretly embracing the Italian racket in construction 8 letters BUILDING
Pacific group about to enter long-distance races 15 letters LEAGUEOFNATIONS
Nature walks for dogs 6 letters TRAILS
Some always gathered about noon 3 letters ANY
Lip-smacking snack? 15 letters KNUCKLESANDWICH
Banned cricketer over his fruitless efforts in match? 5 letters TABOO
Interwoven material mine that captivates the French 5 letters PLAIT
First Minister tense doctor admits 8 letters STURGEON
15 fuels explosive ability 6 letters TALENT
Member starts with three old examples 3 letters TOE

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