The Independents Cryptic Crossword October 14 2021 Answers

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The Independents Cryptic Crossword October 14 2021 Answers:

Gunmen joke about tense rabble 6 letters RAGTAG
Cut short reporter’s story on books about love 7 letters BOBTAIL
Ultimate authority on electronic signal boxes 9 letters SOVEREIGN
Smallest state broadcaster is likely to fail 5 letters RISKY
Showing signs of age is bound to inspire resistance 5 letters TIRED
Second broken toenail’s bitten and sensitive 9 letters EMOTIONAL
Classy stage actor’s first to fill English National Theatre 7 letters ELEGANT
Enthusiastic patron of local obstacle race 6 letters BARFLY
Centres of gas planets ultimately aligned in conjunction 3 letters AND
Get rid of piles and onset of diarrhoea with treatment 6 letters DISPEL
Flower arranging stock reduced in store 7 letters IKEBANA
Pleasant character of street going round small headland 9 letters SWEETNESS
Settle match? 5 letters LIGHT
Great service provides accommodation for old man quickly 5 letters APACE
Get to know sectarian in an unusual way 9 letters ASCERTAIN
Celebrity snubbed over many items in the main 7 letters FLOTSAM
What men threw overboard set out to clog nets 6 letters JETSAM
Corrupt drug firm probes what may be gleaned from competition? 7 letters ROSETTE
Song verse transposed into A minor’s source of educational material? 9 letters GOVERNESS
Broadcast rage-filled promotional material 5 letters AIRED
British League’s problem affecting one member 6 letters BUNION
Cab driver’s not very bothered about a roadblock 9 letters BARRICADE
Criminal Act renders minister powerless 5 letters ARSON
Fidelity of commission primarily requiring change of sides 7 letters LOYALTY
Attire that’s worn by bishop? 7 letters BIRETTA
Expertise of some teachers sent pedagogy up 9 letters ADEPTNESS
RAF signal broadcast garbled language? 9 letters FRANGLAIS
Analyse lives taken by leader of death cult 7 letters DISSECT
Female teachers having papers returned first 7 letters DISTAFF
Author’s not upset by article’s reason for insanity? 7 letters ANTONYM
Reduce jitter in new cable modem’s lead 6 letters BECALM
Make speech confusing extremists with inspiring figure 5 letters ERATO
Generous drink’s raised spirits essentially 5 letters LARGE

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