The Independents Cryptic Crossword November 28 2022 Answers

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The Independents Cryptic Crossword November 28 2022 Answers:

Whip commanding officer on head to sate desire 7 letters SCOURGE
Hoskins has to go topless to receive new income 5 letters MEANS
Volunteers to punch stupidly entitled art-fan 10 letters DILETTANTE
Impressive City holding quiet Inter at the start 4 letters EPIC
Big smoker had to return around noon 4 letters ETNA
Stop with good man to visit whisky producer? 10 letters STANDSTILL
Bread men sent over by Western Union essentially 4 letters ROTI
Had a shot and bound to drink drop of red 5 letters TRIED
Those leading all new talks intimidate opponent 4 letters ANTI
Check out German girls as they help people to read 10 letters EYEGLASSES
Unpaid worker lacking energy is Russian? 4 letters SLAV
Port fine to be knocked back with half of beer 4 letters KOBE
Blot it out with beer a lot 10 letters OBLITERATE
A drunk snorting cocaine in town 5 letters ASCOT
Son very sadly vacuous (being 22 can make you so!) 7 letters STRESSY
Man like Gove mostly annoyed Congress 10 letters LOVEMAKING
Old informants taking in drug lectures 6 letters ORATES
Rake ultimately into French wine and crack 4 letters VEIN
Gyrating Hoskins did the deed with set in … 8 letters EMBEDDED
… southern diner but not with cold Peter 4 letters SAFE
Cashless society set to come about third of June 5 letters SKINT
Group putting freshly-shot game animal in this? 7 letters SKILLET
A woman giving children lines is wrong 5 letters AMISS
Strangers getting jiggy with soprano might do this 10 letters TRANSGRESS
Contradictions in terms used by foxy moralist 7 letters OXYMORA
Actor seen in craft heading up African river 8 letters TRAVOLTA
Comedy modelled on international soldiers 6 letters SATIRE
Itchy Y-fronts lacking an opening Y-shape 5 letters ANTSY
Cut and run to get out of France 4 letters ETCH
Desire to do one large American tenor 4 letters LUST

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