The Independents Cryptic Crossword November 27 2021 Answers

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The Independents Cryptic Crossword November 27 2021 Answers:

Tips for sentence with unchanged opening word? 6 letters SESAME
Kate and Bill are people with intelligence 6 letters MOSSAD
Brain in head’s spinning 4 letters STUN
Iffy salutations welcoming king in formal attire 10 letters DICKEYBOWS
Peruvian perhaps fat with a lot of weight to carry 14 letters PADDINGTONBEAR
Neither worse nor better what’s more 6 letters ASWELL
Zero energy in computer storage device 8 letters ZIPDRIVE
Male cuts clothes an Italian import 8 letters PARMESAN
Greeting a group of men in Korean car 6 letters KIAORA
Indolence after getting translated? 14 letters DOLCEFARNIENTE
Group of players put on outfits for speed 10 letters GETUPSTEAM
German weaver denuded 4 letters OTTO
One cuts two thirds of time off 6 letters SICKLE
Like a march or an arch? 6 letters INSTEP
Buddhist scripture possibly drawing humanity heavenwards 5 letters SUTRA
Lacking date one’s rejected by Kelly and Irene heartlessly 7 letters SINEDIE
Host’s scoffing a duck in eatery 9 letters MCDONALDS
Melancholy may follow this in ancient concert hall 5 letters ODEON
Swordsman in bar sure to get drunk 7 letters SABREUR
Have to enter club nearer to the sea 9 letters DOWNRIVER
Picture Spur Harry after his dream move? 11 letters CITIZENKANE
Cooks stocks along with recipe for famous courses 9 letters STANDREWS
Primitive human in games with two chess pieces 9 letters PEKINGMAN
Partner of gangster from America caught a slug? 7 letters MOLLUSC
The price of a pint for one in Daisy’s family 7 letters ALECOST
Frame deceitful sort getting beheaded 5 letters EASEL
Count golf shot without ball rising 5 letters TOTUP

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