The Independents Cryptic Crossword November 25 2022 Answers

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The Independents Cryptic Crossword November 25 2022 Answers:

University publisher to block translation of de Gaulle cutting a line for French territory 10 letters GUADELOUPE
Difficulty seeing return of political moderates 4 letters STEW
Silver implanted in audio device? Cool 5 letters MAGIC
Greedy? Near being converted when enveloped in my goodness 9 letters MERCENARY
Surpass cuts in economy initially repeated 7 letters ECLIPSE
Flowering plant Paul replanted around border 7 letters PRIMULA
One with new ideas in turning round river reversed decay 9 letters INNOVATOR
Support twisted bone that’s restricting energy 4 letters BIER
Protective cover? There’s audible demand for that 4 letters CAUL
Action of PM? He’s flustered during upset 9 letters RESHUFFLE
Bugs fashionable religious group (source of anarchy) 7 letters INSECTA
Lot of protection in South America over cactus 7 letters SAGUARO
Doubt accordingly around position with Academy 9 letters HESITANCE
Fruit is round as it happens 5 letters OLIVE
Remains sceptical initially about tax cut? On the contrary 4 letters DUST
I travel on track displaying many colours 10 letters IRIDESCENT
Secretion from plants that could be resuming 8 letters GUMRESIN
Articles about precious metal running short indicating African country 7 letters ANGOLAN
Holiday perhaps going to urban cycling hub? How quickly can you get away? 14 letters ESCAPEVELOCITY
German law-maker heads to open Hamburg museum 3 letters OHM
Extended use of language and excessive and immoderate verbosity or circumlocution perhaps is misjudged when involved with separate touches of irony and rodomontade 11 letters PERIPHRASIS
Destroy reputation of University College engaging in business 7 letters TRADUCE
Means to cover buttonhole? 6 letters WAYLAY
To GB it is Europe that appears horribly middle-class 14 letters PETITBOURGEOIS
Record teacher ignoring second musician say 11 letters ENTERTAINER
Court witness offering impression about quiet individual 8 letters DEPONENT
Helps Saint to enter Saint’s city? Not I 7 letters ASSISTS
Insubstantial collection of documents about newspaper 7 letters FRAGILE
Detective dropped frustrated 6 letters DISHED

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