The Independents Cryptic Crossword May 9 2021 Answers

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The Independent’s Cryptic Crossword May 9 2021 Answers:

Soldier and sailor returning after leave 9 letters DESERTRAT
Die for soft rugs from the east 5 letters STAMP
Girl maintaining it’s indispensable 5 letters VITAL
Breast feeding Polish queen becoming abrasive perhaps 9 letters SANDPAPER
Handy to have tin for cash 10 letters READYMONEY
Suffer when exposed in speech 4 letters BEAR
Poins is taken in by girl’s facial expression of disgust 7 letters GRIMACE
Went to protect my back in advance 7 letters PROCEED
Tolerant fellow and striking girl doing a bunk 7 letters LENIENT
Artist’s mother to pose for painters around the London area 7 letters MATISSE
Supporter finding witty remark after Sunak’s first to resign 4 letters ALLY
Exceptional talent shown by Bill in race abroad 10 letters BRILLIANCE
Happen to be right about anger following answer by Penny 9 letters TRANSPIRE
What Madame Defarge does fools king in the beginning 5 letters KNITS
Grant makes a profit 5 letters YIELD
Officer extremely lucky as a rule 9 letters GENERALLY
Daughter having too much port 5 letters DOVER
Office suit annoyed by legal proceedings about to be dismissed 9 letters SITUATION
Rarely messed up by experts in team events 10 letters RELAYRACES
Do up shop near the centre of Alfreton 7 letters RESTORE
Worried teens in court become unable to relax 7 letters TENSEUP
Numberless photos of foolish people 4 letters SAPS
Specimen not originally large enough 5 letters AMPLE
Game failing to start after concern for winger possibly 9 letters PARTRIDGE
Head of languages getting extremely upset during squabble with servile flatterer 10 letters BOOTLICKER
Bravery of girl soldier captured in Lowell’s opening lines 9 letters GALLANTRY
In distress it’s seen by almost everybody as absolutely necessary 9 letters ESSENTIAL
Rotation is good after shock at home 7 letters TURNING
Ponder over trace of ergot on popular plant 7 letters MULLEIN
Let loose at the outset then relax 5 letters LEASE
Attempt to speak in support of drugs 5 letters ESSAY
Employed by some pious educators 4 letters USED

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