The Independents Cryptic Crossword May 6 2021 Answers

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The Independent’s Cryptic Crossword May 6 2021 Answers:

Noblemen poison wine 9 letters MARGRAVES
Credit card finally found in marketplace on return 5 letters KUDOS
Canadian politician impolite in letter to Mitsotakis? 7 letters TRUDEAU
Clergyman pockets a pile 7 letters REACTOR
Place in Surrey for one needing meat 5 letters EGHAM
First off replace outside toilets and relax 9 letters HANGLOOSE
At home adult takes exercise being unfit 5 letters INAPT
Lumpy old bed aunt moved out of bedroom initially 9 letters NODULATED
Religious teacher from Chartres regularly ignored Jesus? Not right 9 letters CATECHIST
Singers from church knocked back port 5 letters CHOIR
Expert breaks into stately mansion at first? That’s easy 9 letters NOPROBLEM
One’s driven up river on island 5 letters SKYER
State aid put back into local area 7 letters INDIANA
Smart outfits inlaid with gold will get admirers 7 letters SUITORS
Build playground in vacated establishment 5 letters ERECT
Bag with tea in and sweetener 9 letters SACCHARIN
Joint account’s closing in difficult situation 5 letters MITRE
Run out with disgusted expression over players getting plastered 9 letters ROUGHCAST
Having painful joints he tucked into drink with a spasm 9 letters RHEUMATIC
English composer Sullivan worked with him a wag 15 letters VAUGHANWILLIAMS
Extremely subtle documentaries broadcast 4’s work 15 letters SERENADETOMUSIC
As before not all recommend it totally 5 letters DITTO
Resignation is more certain to involve split 9 letters SURRENDER
Dish in Venice starter of toasted carrot 9 letters INCENTIVE
One may replace Yale lecturer with hick most foolishly 9 letters LOCKSMITH
Piece of wood that will make 8? 9 letters TWOBYFOUR
Father and daughter kept in trim 5 letters PADRE
Love role displaying creative style 5 letters OPART
Once more offend Amber? 5 letters RESIN

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