The Independents Cryptic Crossword May 17 2023 Answers

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The Independents Cryptic Crossword May 17 2023 Answers:

Cipher writer depresses emotionally needy carers 12 letters CODEPENDENTS
Strike back in due course returning before I worried 9 letters RETALIATE
American singer and comedian losing millions? She’s lazy! 5 letters IDLER
I have big boobs but not extremely tickly foot 6 letters IAMBUS
Bird boxes are small or perhaps they are far away? 8 letters MARTIANS
Promise short red skirt at last 6 letters COMMIT
Catholic girl is taking introduction to chemistry course at university 8 letters CLASSICS
More given to weeping after appeal on the radio for standards 8 letters CRITERIA
President Trump initially displays unusual tool 6 letters BIDENT
Model alone with pet gnu? 8 letters ANTELOPE
Hunter running after injured calf 6 letters FALCON
Sudden outbreak of scabies primarily in Lancaster? 5 letters BURST
She was Prime Minister briefly beginning to take action to get legal document 9 letters TRUSTDEED
Rap sheet isn’t unusual round here 12 letters INTHESEPARTS
Perhaps book American to stop in charge of Body Pump 7 letters CARDIAC
Corporation supports New York lawyer showing piece of information 5 letters DATUM
Dish of gold found in mansion 9 letters PILAURICE
Nice apartment on vacation is tidy 4 letters NEAT
Stares at G Osborne’s shadow to entertain the elderly 8 letters EYEBALLS
Shame it isn’t contracted 5 letters TAINT
What Rimsky-Korsakov portrayed for Spooner is a slight inconvenience 8 letters FLEABITE
Conservative drunkards completely lacking love in romantic encounters 6 letters TRYSTS
Suit disintegrated in fresh water 8 letters MOISTURE
Drive in car a circuit around Thruxton to begin with getting puncture 9 letters SPINALTAP
Report of spring found in gutter 8 letters DISPATCH
Bad-tempered taxi driver accepts rupees 6 letters CRABBY
European doesn’t fancy Turkish island 7 letters TENEDOS
Left message to be written up it is revealed 5 letters LETON
Explicit content found in article repeatedly 5 letters CLEAR
Bothers animated character with complaints 4 letters BUGS

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