The Independents Cryptic Crossword May 14 2023 Answers

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The Independents Cryptic Crossword May 14 2023 Answers:

Spooner’s cooked food that’s on the breakfast table 9 letters TOASTRACK
Soldiers consider queen a saviour 8 letters REDEEMER
They’re typically round gold coins 6 letters ORBITS
Mingle briefly with one’s ambassador in front of Palace 8 letters BLENHEIM
Protective cover helps heat house centrally 6 letters SHEATH
Centred ball leads to save – bringing this into play? 8 letters CROSSBAR
Unopened load – mixed tuna and octopus 8 letters ARGONAUT
Retro container with an old-fashioned lid 6 letters TOPPER
Seaman leaving India and having first a transfer to Far East country 8 letters BOTSWANA
Lean on westbound Asians 6 letters TAMILS
Get stuck in men’s pants – what about that! 6 letters ENMESH
Shocked by jokes about eating fish 8 letters SHAKENUP
Recall Egypt’s principal deity – Sun God 4 letters ARES
It’s one finally going free travelling light 9 letters SETONFIRE
Now this sometimes supersedes his spoken word of reassurance 5 letters THEIR
Steamer I caught taking passage to New World 7 letters AMERICA
Turn up house temperature to get by 5 letters TIMES
Caber one tossed outside circle as form of exercise 7 letters AEROBIC
Film released after treatment for Kevin Spacey’s beginning 9 letters KNIVESOUT
Owen chest bared should get girls 7 letters WENCHES
Cat reportedly on track of bird 9 letters KITTIWAKE
One making pointed attack on individuals in school? 9 letters HARPOONER
Cycling onwards ultimately dissipated upper body pains 9 letters HEADACHES
Tory steps occasionally upset residents in Beds 7 letters OYSTERS
Crossing Cook Strait north 7 letters TRANSIT
Oxygen pipe I’m assembling to reach where many lie entrapped 7 letters POMPEII
Mark II? 5 letters TWAIN
Small animal decapitated by large rat 5 letters LOUSE

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