The Independents Cryptic Crossword May 13 2023 Answers

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The Independents Cryptic Crossword May 13 2023 Answers:

This angry argument repelled Germany 9 letters CROSSWORD
Collude occasionally dropping hint 4 letters CLUE
Used too much elaboration having fingers to the bone? 10 letters OVERWORKED
Old King eaten by old English monster 4 letters OGRE
What number roughly … why moan? 7 letters HOWMANY
1A creators succeeded becoming large property landlords 7 letters LETTERS
Run into Auden struggling poet 6 letters NERUDA
Rum? Just a little ‘un 3 letters TOT
Middle-of-the-road French water colourist 6 letters MOREAU
Lid attachment secured in flash sale yesterday sent back 7 letters EYELASH
Two notes? Barely sufficient counterpoint added to melody 7 letters DESCANT
Bandages cut initially from samples of cloth 7 letters SWATHES
Italian hothead Alighieri backed taking day off 4 letters ETNA
Blur Pulp in rare work of genius 10 letters PURPLERAIN
The Apprentice: Sugar knows the beginners aren’t up to it! 4 letters TASK
Drunken Sybarite downing whiskey will attest to its powers 9 letters SWEARBYIT
Vote to support Charlie – poor old Charlie 8 letters CLODPOLL
Stop Ed Sheeran penning newspaper articles! 5 letters OPEDS
Very wide broadcast 3 letters SOW
Advanced gold-plated blade 3 letters OAR
Members of stag party taking potentially lethal shots? 11 letters DEERHUNTERS
Left American newspaper unfinished in NY airport 9 letters LAGUARDIA
Waugh still lonely empty inside 6 letters EVELYN
Industrial hand cleaner fine and good found in Devon/Cornwall region 8 letters SWARFEGA
A rich art patron Miss West: cold rational upbringing 8 letters MAECENAS
Russian mutt chewed flowers 11 letters NASTURTIUMS
Canute astride old command horse 8 letters CHESTNUT
A coming commercial opening 6 letters ADVENT
Ancient 4 buried in the outskirts of Henley 5 letters HOARY
Constant energy food 3 letters PIE
Lug out of Le Havre regularly 3 letters EAR

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