The Independents Cryptic Crossword May 12 2023 Answers

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The Independents Cryptic Crossword May 12 2023 Answers:

Servant cleans round rear of room taking less than instant 8 letters DOMESTIC
One leading chess player passing through station in disgrace 6 letters STIGMA
I’ll be enthralled by curve on vessel at sea or vessel aloft 8 letters AIRCRAFT
Stubborn character brought about a couple of days’ confusion 6 letters MUDDLE
Deterioration of thatching with observation of late? 10 letters NIGHTWATCH
Director getting behind sickly staff 4 letters WAND
Mother and leader married – one year later coining it 11 letters MAKINGMONEY
Popular comedy item though half-hearted 3 letters HOT
Currently excluding Welsh? 3 letters NOW
Airmen – crikey! – in stretchy latex? That’s close to a bloomer 11 letters EXTRAFLORAL
Only some part of useful vegetarian food 4 letters TOFU
Show dedication to working a short time to fill box 10 letters CONSECRATE
Work old revue giving it a new look 6 letters OEUVRE
Part of army say one with soldiers? Right about that 8 letters REGIMENT
Criticism with heroin being included in comedian’s material 6 letters SHTICK
Knight hurried west interrupting holiday somewhere in Cornwall? 8 letters STANNARY
Racket encompassing car reversing – not front exhaust 5 letters DRAIN
University event supporting second girl at St Andrews? 5 letters MORAG
One investigating observer snatching vintage container 10 letters SCRUTINEER
A doubling of money in price increases? It arouses passion 12 letters INFLAMMATION
Dull sound that has undertones dwindling at the outset 4 letters THUD
Farm worker mostly is concealing sources of dairy feed boss 9 letters GODFATHER
Obsessive about City spot according to reports 9 letters ANECDOTAL
Look over the deals misrepresented in newspaper 12 letters SCANDALSHEET
Item of parliamentary news – extra reading 10 letters BYELECTION
Doctor on Truss needing treatment: ‘Dreadful’ 9 letters MONSTROUS
Network set-up about rugby included in equipment? It’s a New Zealand thing 9 letters KIWIFRUIT
Motorists’ group securing reduced payment for show venue 5 letters ARENA
Opening element of 12 perhaps not opening? 5 letters ENTRY

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