The Independents Cryptic Crossword March 6 2021 Answers

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The Independent’s Cryptic Crossword March 6 2021 Answers:

Woman in charge in Italian city 8 letters VERONICA
Frank’s happy to start firing a gun 6 letters OPENUP
Don’t dine outdoors after appearance of unknown growth hormone 6 letters ZEATIN
Foolish admirer filled with energy to become more romantic 8 letters DREAMIER
Judge changing a plea’s not a hot thing 8 letters JALAPENO
Rubbish place to sleep? I’m not sure 6 letters BUNKUM
Going crazy here late tonight fully undressed 15 letters INTHEALTOGETHER
Think about giving welcome to good man 6 letters KNIGHT
Attention diminishes with medication 8 letters EARDROPS
State extremists in Syria transfixed by row about Israel’s borders 8 letters SRILANKA
Diffuse nebula lacking in strength 6 letters UNABLE
Son of Darius succeeded old king from the East 6 letters XERXES
In confusion I googled keep a low profile 8 letters LIEDOGGO
Ambassador has lie-ins regularly with a woman 6 letters HELENA
Way to pay homage to all political leaders after they retire 8 letters FOOTPATH
Group of women that is collecting clothes from Nelson Mandela 6 letters WINNIE
Charlotte Baden’s extraordinary crime novel 15 letters CARDSONTHETABLE
Sack a very rich person disregarding society 8 letters MONEYBAG
Perhaps lackey’s son to become ordinary kind of farmer 6 letters YEOMAN
End timeless piano piece by Chopin in silence 8 letters QUIETUDE
Groups of 9 or 11 out of 12 houses may be labelled thus? 8 letters NONARIES
Shock when nonsense’s written about Northern Ireland 8 letters ASTONISH
Herb Alpert ultimately right to visit part of Spain 8 letters TARRAGON
Stars laid-back in carefree surroundings 6 letters GALAXY
Back of computer connected to external device 6 letters ROUTER
Matter of indifference? 6 letters PHLEGM

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