The Independents Cryptic Crossword March 24 2023 Answers

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The Independents Cryptic Crossword March 24 2023 Answers:

Country frequently gaining courage at present 13 letters STATEOFTHEART
Cursed line implying inadequate reflection by 15 23 letters THEMIRRORCRACKD FTHEART
Regular work putting out new diagram 4 letters GRID
Garden equipment embracing special garden equipment 5 letters HOSES
Painful naturally to have it cracked apart? 4 letters ULNA
Nudity in California is cleaner 9 letters LAUNDRESS
Stop to offer special deal for bathroom goods? 15 letters THROWINTHETOWEL
Heads for front in large movie cinema? 4 letters FILM
Good man engaged in negative statement becoming this? 5 letters NASTY
Source of heat Sun depicted by tattoos 4 letters SINK
Language brought about by hardest landings 15 letters STANDARDENGLISH
Observe trace of repetition in most of new version 6 letters REMARK
Sound of activity and energy including a new kind 6 letters HUMANE
The man participating in binge but skipping the last field 6 letters SPHERE
Half of army enraged over having to transport ailing animal 9 letters ARMADILLO
What about skill required to make electrical connection? 5 letters EARTH
Possibly works on log cabins but not top part 5 letters HACKS
Hallucinogen a grass picked up by wild USA company 9 letters AYAHUASCO
Cheers monarch showing some glamour? 6 letters TAKING
Flag support for car workers’ group at first 9 letters UNIONJACK
Entirely so when visiting English island 9 letters EVERYINCH
Notorious murderer not getting money in exploitation of this crime 8 letters CHRISTIE
Strain I avoided when touring US city to see author of 8/4 8 letters TENNYSON
Staff sent up an amazing food 5 letters MANNA
Scene of witch-hunts and rough sex? Beer must be involved 5 letters SALEM

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