The Independents Cryptic Crossword March 19 2023 Answers

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The Independents Cryptic Crossword March 19 2023 Answers:

Lunatic presided over trial having rejected coroner’s conclusion 8 letters HEADCASE
Dormant snake seen outside shelter 6 letters ASLEEP
Relative value of empty apartment in city 5 letters RATIO
Workman caught a tenant embracing Penny 9 letters CARPENTER
Awkward line in drama about ordinary company department 9 letters MALADROIT
King starts to notice an extremely versatile villain 5 letters KNAVE
French article about strange retiring creatures 6 letters LEMURS
Agitated rugby fan initially ran away 7 letters RUFFLED
Liberated Union State with adequate education 7 letters UNYOKED
His Excellency leaves infidels’ capital 6 letters ATHENS
Illustration detailed embryo’s last stage of development 5 letters IMAGO
Dazzle female with vintage eyewear 9 letters BLINDFOLD
Earl captivated by original Mona Lisa’s enigmatic features 9 letters ANOMALIES
Records of victory in year fifty 5 letters VINYL
Endeavour to squeeze butt in 6 letters TRENDY
Condemns European resistance movement about obstructing detective 8 letters DEPLORES
Rushes around married women’s lodgings in Brunei 6 letters HAREMS
Gunners indisposed to block supply route 9 letters ARTILLERY
Deciphering incomplete code could unlock a utopian realm 15 letters CLOUDCUCKOOLAND
Clergymen discovered hiding in ship’s quarters 7 letters SECTORS
Arbitrarily develop this fake reaction to someone’s appearance 15 letters SPEAKOFTHEDEVIL
Run from sex trafficker 5 letters EXTRA
Forecasts result in flipping bad mood 8 letters PORTENDS
Large hole right below chest 6 letters CRATER
Proprietor of farm say left warden no alternative 9 letters LANDOWNER
Thoughtful type has drink in a theatre 8 letters RUMINANT
Ruins two upstanding teachers 6 letters DEBRIS
Nasal sound is audible in question 7 letters ATISSUE
Twisted attorney suppressing perverse lust for 18-year-olds? 6 letters ADULTS
Make reparations in agreement 5 letters ATONE

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