The Independents Cryptic Crossword June 27 2022 Answers

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The Independents Cryptic Crossword June 27 2022 Answers:

It’s no good running 13 letters MISMANAGEMENT
Religious portrait Tees does? 4 letters ICON
John is seen with child stars 10 letters CANISMINOR
Last tsar going commando might some say? 8 letters NICHOLAS
Ring back in no more than 59 seconds? 6 letters NIMBUS
Surge? This does regularly 4 letters TIDE
Taking most of bed the fat lady? 4 letters DIVA
Booking weak comedian 10 letters YELLOWCARD
One in duet — that’s ridiculous! 6 letters UNITED
Branch specialised in launching carpeting line 8 letters ROCKETRY
I love us roaming around rough Kentucky location 10 letters LOUISVILLE
Overwhelming defeat — challenger at last exposed 4 letters ROUT
Was Rachmaninoff so prone to kleptomania? 13 letters LIGHTFINGERED
Scotsman and nearly all his people making plot 11 letters MACHINATION
Instrument Yes then played with always eschewing echo? 5 letters SYNTH
Romantically involved ditching Tom as secondary? 9 letters ANCILLARY
Men with lowered energy in Eastern lands recall trouble 7 letters AMNESIA
Brought to guillotine at last head rolling in European city 5 letters ESSEN
Tees consumes gin served up at one: clues initially incomprehensible 9 letters ENIGMATIC
Company in ancient wood? 3 letters TWO
Resistance insufficiently worn down? 11 letters UNDERGROUND
New conductor’s function almost a disaster 9 letters NEARTHING
Drink for example supplied with good meal (substantial according to Eustice) 9 letters SCOTCHEGG
Seductive singer links Garland with traditional stories 7 letters LORELEI
5 in song for 7 which is a cover 5 letters DUVET
Mistake from egghead over stopping children’s education? 5 letters ERROR

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