The Independents Cryptic Crossword June 23 2022 Answers

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The Independents Cryptic Crossword June 23 2022 Answers:

How to make bats sell out? 8 letters BACKSTAB
Revolutionary fuel Biden reserves for consumption 6 letters EDIBLE
Isco’s beginning to get into trouble passing winger 4 letters IBIS
Team rows without cox finally fixing thing at sea 10 letters INFIGHTING
Rest for early bird potentially? 6 letters EGGCUP
English classic spinner unnamed by Stokes causing complaints 8 letters EARACHES
Supply chain derails broadcaster 13 letters ADRIAN CHILES
Declares novel solution for deposit 8 letters DESCALER
Count is thrown off by some third of French switching from left to right 6 letters GARLIC
What chopping karate instructor’s rear does is clear 10 letters MAKESSENSE
Burning evidence from sergeant’s case? That takes some balls 4 letters SOOT
Relatively thick runner-up backs Conservative 6 letters CLOSER
Giggling child’s face falls tenfold 8 letters LAUGHTER
Staff gossip on the rise leading to sack for fellow 6 letters MANBAG
Kit between two poles when temperature drops 4 letters SKIS
Record-holder ran turning on bit of gas 6 letters LEDGER
Tease with feather say and gag 10 letters RIBTICKLER
Lineker essentially stripped into pants rudely flashing bits 8 letters BLINKERS
Fines stopping chaotic Tube strike 6 letters BUFFET
Doctor screeched about first sign of up quark perhaps 10 letters CURDCHEESE
Suggestible bachelor is drenched in beer by alpha males 8 letters AMENABLE
Boss tripping straight over 8 letters HIGHERUP
Address takes in Assange initially giving relief to leakers 6 letters URINAL
Sex drive finishes off actor Charlie Sheen 6 letters LUSTRE
De Niro’s makeover got rid of wrinkles 6 letters IRONED
Having a change of heart get lost somewhere in London 4 letters SOHO

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