The Independents Cryptic Crossword June 22 2021 Answers

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The Independents Cryptic Crossword June 22 2021 Answers:

Sketch duck until flying to end of lake 7 letters OUTLINE
Concerning sight of news stories as leader moves further right 7 letters OPTICAL
Stress concerning angry packing note 9 letters REITERATE
Boycott lecturer in the end 5 letters BLACK
Dutch dive’s needing a clean 5 letters DUSTY
Allegiances of kings and queens changing sides 9 letters LOYALTIES
E.g. an ‘A’ written in hexameters 4 letters EXAM
Food that’s brought up say 5 letters BREAD
Group of boys that is ejected from women’s loos 4 letters LADS
Antelopes with nothing to eat in reserves 5 letters BOOKS
Simple computational device – one with slide? 5 letters ADDER
American however is like Trump 9 letters LEASTWISE
Values Spain’s players in report 7 letters ESTEEMS
She has her pride 7 letters LIONESS
Stir something for breakfast 8 letters PORRIDGE
Morality of French and this Latin rests on semantics ultimately 6 letters ETHICS
Promising girl full of dynamic energy 6 letters LIKELY
Trader’s ego interrupting upset storyteller 8 letters RETAILER
See 22 Across 6 letters COMEDY
Start of beard – with subtle changes 7 letters STUBBLE
Starting to snort cocaine one with a nervous twitch and a nervous complaint 8 letters SCIATICA
Bodies of water covered in fine snow? 6 letters FLAKES
Struggling to detain a counter-agent 8 letters ANTIDOTE
Girl friend seen around fourth of August every year 8 letters ANNUALLY
Tension of pole markers when in service 8 letters SUSPENSE
Head covering for when the rain is scattered 7 letters HAIRNET
Laid out with gaps changes to lower case when written over maybe? 6 letters SPACED
Damage as coming up we sullied boxes 6 letters ILLUSE
Last place as explosion envelops races 6 letters BOTTOM

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