The Independents Cryptic Crossword June 20 2021 Answers

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The Independents Cryptic Crossword June 20 2021 Answers:

Break from wearing corsets? 10 letters STAYCATION
One might pick this rugby forward 4 letters LOCK
Girl corrupted round adult clubs: item for the press? 6 letters GARLIC
Parasite in record dispute sent back millions 8 letters TAPEWORM
Japanese fighter gives you nothing 4 letters ZERO
Mimicking bird cat who looks for excitement? 10 letters PEEPINGTOM
Orchestra to transgress less authentic for an audience? 8 letters SINFONIA
Value returned welcoming a Biblical brother 4 letters ESAU
Kevin shortly consuming one chicken dish 4 letters KIEV
Stretch out scandal involving Mister Musk? 8 letters ELONGATE
Both rather drunk fans may swoon over him 10 letters HEARTTHROB
Duck takes sheep outside for wander 4 letters ROAM
All for end in feud in Maltese capital 8 letters VALLETTA
One died in fight — but when? 6 letters FRIDAY
Go mad when retired 4 letters STAB
Pedant and stoic clash explosively 10 letters SCHOLASTIC
Torment me on the radio? 5 letters TEASE
Outbreak of cowardice? 11 letters YELLOWFEVER
Gangster on his own without detonator 8 letters ALCAPONE
Sharing soapy water on getting into it together? 15 letters INTHESAMEBREATH
Pot knocked over — family needs serviette 6 letters NAPKIN
Deep Blue 3 letters LOW
Winger wrecked motor car touring north 9 letters CORMORANT
Large singer dressed in Scots headgear 11 letters GLENGARRIES
One can rave about European wandering 9 letters ITINERANT
Certain people cannot be so described 8 letters DOUBTFUL
Position figures around university 6 letters STATUS
Craftsman on the fiddle a dull one 5 letters AMATI

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