The Independents Cryptic Crossword July 27 2021 Answers

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The Independents Cryptic Crossword July 27 2021 Answers:

Resort hotel beside old abandoned vicarage 4 letters HOVE
Spooner’s European braves outdoor seating 10 letters DECKCHAIRS
Older woman’s company? Flipping saucy stuff! 6 letters COUGAR
Hairstyle covered in elaborate nets for prom 8 letters SEAFRONT
Gangster’s partners importing American-caught oysters say 8 letters MOLLUSCS
Pub outside Totnes regularly provides buffet 6 letters BATTER
Popular attraction run by tart 4 letters PIER
Inconclusive test on Italy’s Adriatic peninsula 6 letters ISTRIA
South American scrambled up ravine 8 letters PERUVIAN
Bachelor woke 8’s neighbour 8 letters BRIGHTON
Spain broadcast sitcoms about working for financial experts 10 letters ECONOMISTS
Dull ordinary and unacceptable in sumo wrestling 10 letters MONOTONOUS
Birds and marine mammals circling bottomless bay 8 letters SEAGULLS
Cherishes a note about son 6 letters ADORES
Freezes chops daughter discarded 4 letters ICES
Unruly crowd holds up South Carolina game 8 letters SCRABBLE
Mindlessly repeat standard nonsense 6 letters PARROT
Neither revolutionary supports independent press 4 letters IRON
Be frugal with millions found in waste container 5 letters SKIMP
They escape sporting bits of pirate costumes 10 letters EYEPATCHES
Show about Henry and Mike’s ghosts 8 letters PHANTOMS
Eccentric VIP keeps a big cat in building 8 letters PAVILION
Ruler is somewhat sombre gentleman 6 letters REGENT
Rest of class sit for photographer 6 letters REPOSE
Sweet sound of mythical bird 4 letters ROCK
Boy raised on hospital food 4 letters NOSH

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