The Independents Cryptic Crossword January 25 2023 Answers

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The Independents Cryptic Crossword January 25 2023 Answers:

Run to seduce retiring husband? 7 letters PARTNER
On the radio shopkeeper is more boorish 7 letters GROSSER
Do I use power to corrupt tragic hero? 7 letters OEDIPUS
Overrode protestor about concealing weapon 7 letters TORPEDO
Exhaustively discuss stuff no longer popular 9 letters THRASHOUT
Name of beautiful Italian cycling 5 letters LABEL
Sugar perhaps stored in hardened wax? 7 letters SEALANT
Doctor beginning to inspect fissure in cinema 7 letters DRIVEIN
Native American husband leaves quickly 5 letters APACE
Every one cooked goat with rare reptile 9 letters ALLIGATOR
Swear about male’s habits 7 letters CUSTOMS
Free guidance at work I ignored 7 letters UNCAGED
French playwright to a greater extent describes story 7 letters MOLIERE
Man with tetanus regularly removed hat 7 letters CHAPEAU
Top Union appointment protects millions 6 letters UPMOST
Angry diatribe right after being abandoned by international merchant 6 letters TRADER
Speak tartly: Those are identical! 4 letters SNAP
Painting of fresh cod with tails removed 6 letters FRESCO
Worried a contemptible chap and a delinquent youth 8 letters AGITATED
Capturing my radical final gamble failing ultimately 10 letters CORRALLING
Make meals with BSE unfortunately 8 letters ASSEMBLE
Beckham to tolerate playing occasionally 8 letters BROOKLYN
Avoided dealing with port covered by fish 10 letters SKATEDOVER
I know not of cashmere pants 8 letters SEARCHME
Where you might buy Hoover for water? 8 letters ADAMSALE
Review of officials following wild rant leads to relocation 8 letters TRANSFER
Inauguration of large corporation originally cancelled 6 letters LAUNCH
Monitored unusual gadget 6 letters TAGGED
Crows over legendary horse 6 letters REDRUM
Tea-time conversation 4 letters CHAT

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