The Independents Cryptic Crossword January 24 2021 Answers

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The Independent’s Cryptic Crossword January 24 2021 Answers:

Surprisingly mobile blood clots 6 letters EMBOLI
Statement about rule applied to eggs 6 letters AVOWAL
Cover old swimming pool 4 letters LIDO
Pad in which Frenchman entertains partner for the evening 10 letters PIEDATERRE
Swimming race interrupted by American with recording equipment 6 letters CAMERA
Damage ring at a Spanish resort 8 letters MARBELLA
Teacher’s favourites covering clear iodine with hot piece of lab equipment 9 letters PETRIDISH
Fictional bear’s an adherent of Hindu philosophical system 4 letters YOGI
Soldiers returned with new evidence 4 letters SIGN
Unionist line adopted by Arab nation 9 letters ORANGEMAN
A short stick found during search of burial site 8 letters CATACOMB
Animal coming back with tailless bird 6 letters GODWIT
Temporary transfer for Next employees close to retirement 10 letters SECONDMENT
Spend money to secure Lessing’s first dramatic work 4 letters PLAY
Doctor given advantage in search for oysters? 6 letters DREDGE
Police officers let suspect get spirit 6 letters METTLE
Remove hair from pie cooked near the end of the night 7 letters EPILATE
Pound returned by fair English fellow 5 letters BLOKE
Boy clutching map of North European region 7 letters LAPLAND
Good artist following through with drug 6 letters VIAGRA
Octopus originally caught in net close to home left with a sad expression 9 letters WOEBEGONE
Germanic siren featuring in folklore leitmotif 7 letters LORELEI
Dancing bears seem ill prepared at beginning of scene in musical 13 letters LESMISERABLES
Doctor and old lady taking part in tiresome process 9 letters RIGMAROLE
Notice allegedly found next to small opening in dense vegetation 7 letters SEAWEED
Sleepwear’s close to neckwear 7 letters NIGHTIE
It’s set in stone to cause trouble 7 letters AGITATE
Greedy type welcoming time to prepare snack 6 letters HOTDOG
Extremely destructive drug found in storage facility 5 letters DEPOT

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