The Independents Cryptic Crossword January 14 2022 Answers

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The Independents Cryptic Crossword January 14 2022 Answers:

Royal figure not quite intent to have post redirected 7 letters WILLIAM
Possibly Chesterton’s book on Queen bound in gold 7 letters GILBERT
Heartless Governments contributing to worker uneasiness 5 letters ANGST
A stance maintained about journal leading one to say sorry 9 letters APOLOGISE
Observes overturned sack light 9 letters SETONFIRE
Cobalt as it were is prepared for action 5 letters CANDO
Spray proves air is contaminated 9 letters VAPORISER
Singer needing one in support 5 letters BASIS
Make a new start gaining energy in time off 5 letters RESET
Carpet? Aim for replacement with members’ contributions perhaps 9 letters METACARPI
Source of wool a lot of shops rejected 5 letters LLAMA
Cricketer one cornered by a reptile must be agile 9 letters ACROBATIC
Unexpected items in a serving of semolina 9 letters ANOMALIES
View given by theatrical sponsor backing a couple 5 letters ANGLE
Journalist-explorer worn-out after going round New York at first 7 letters STANLEY
Royal name offering small change in second rule 7 letters SPENCER
Be an all-rounder – certainly more than a bowler it seems 15 letters WEARSEVERALHATS
Kind to put in Greek word for ‘printing units’ 9 letters LOGOTYPES
Very interested in historic fiddler mostly or singer 7 letters INTONER
Frozen singer welcoming a warm place to retire? 5 letters MIAMI
Follow jet-setter having dollop of cream say on upside-down cake 9 letters GLOBETROT
Hero with weapon avoiding large young feline 7 letters LIONCUB
Water I consumed in rising church centre 5 letters EVIAN
Storm’s moved inland – you can leave now 15 letters THECOASTISCLEAR
Without delay text offering affection after total damage 9 letters SUMMARILY
English to avoid nasty cigarettes following a plan 9 letters STRATEGIC
Openings of three roads use a lot of labour 7 letters TRAVAIL
Sailor leading pack into church for harvest festival item 7 letters CABBAGE
Nose? A sort of nose almost entirely 5 letters AROMA

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