The Independents Cryptic Crossword January 14 2021 Answers

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The Independent’s Cryptic Crossword January 14 2021 Answers:

Be master of hot early swing 8 letters HOLDSWAY
Jazz tune is up for associates 6 letters UNITES
Music genre heard racing across the Atlantic 4 letters INDY
Blues or pop singer catches finale from The Jam 10 letters DEPRESSION
Stride number about crush 6 letters STEPON
Single backing track about German with sin 8 letters ENORMITY
Funk from a person by boisterous area of town 7 letters BOROUGH
Rag time ally abroad welcomes giving a wave 7 letters TSUNAMI
Rocking A-side he includes very tacky 8 letters ADHESIVE
Love loud tango – what about gospel’s wrong? 10 letters OFFTHEMARK
Kelvin and Duke say pirouetting to bop 4 letters BONK
Singer’s feature in garage thus captivates you 6 letters CARUSO
Did dub blend one in an innovative style 8 letters ENNOBLED
Orchestral instrument from my supermarket 8 letters CORNETTO
Avant-garde piece from talented gypsy 4 letters EDGY
Country song oddly about drug: moving ecstasy 6 letters SWEDEN
E.g. a little Calypso number turned up keeping variable speed 7 letters NYMPHET
Nothing in set due to change with ten DJs 8 letters TUXEDOES
Maybe salsa dancing in Samoa creates addiction 10 letters DIPSOMANIA
Revive electronic R&B covers also on the rise 6 letters REBOOT
Elegiac classical artist fitting clothing the wrong way 10 letters PROPERTIUS
Member of girl group on track as support for Stevie Wonder? 8 letters GUIDEDOG
Look up engaging American metal performances 8 letters MATINEES
Folk star’s alarming words 7 letters MENACES
Thrash from French heavy metal artist’s empty 6 letters DEFEAT
Hot Egyptian soul piece 6 letters BAKING
Pop group from 3 bringing down a cake 4 letters BABA

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