The Independents Cryptic Crossword February 3 2023 Answers

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The Independents Cryptic Crossword February 3 2023 Answers:

Indecorous finding due – I will look bad 11 letters UNDIGNIFIED
Consume meal beginning to end 3 letters EAT
Campanologist’s permutations? Attempts to keep place 7 letters TRIPLES
Coming out on top – very treacherous in winter around hill 7 letters VICTORY
Line taken with arrangement of map tinge regarding colours 9 letters PIGMENTAL
Optimism with our group taking over power in parliament 5 letters HOUSE
Urban area: a US example beginning to mature out of disaster 4 letters CITY
Spooner’s very very close at present 10 letters HEREANDNOW
Prominently displayed item’s role’s tied up with deals 10 letters LOSSLEADER
Protection against water left beside the ocean 4 letters SEAL
Half-heartedly ran the match returning to seek postponement 5 letters DEFER
Former success at bridge all but limiting one bridge team on the outside 9 letters EXTRINSIC
Item seen on Princess perhaps or individual in Court 7 letters CORONET
Piano recital’s first two pieces played alfresco 7 letters OPENAIR
Story fellow excluded from biography 3 letters LIE
Crafty woman woman heading off soldier leading other soldiers to ship 11 letters ENCHANTRESS
Odd end to day tucking into stew of tuna and pilchard? Not half 9 letters UNTYPICAL
Accomplishing murder? Good 5 letters DOING
Beginning to glean from the past description of fifty years? 6 letters GOLDEN
Is welcoming fine conditions 3 letters IFS
Popular volume impassioned lacking male participation 11 letters INVOLVEMENT
Sailor with two sets of playing-cards? 8 letters DECKHAND
Pop group mostly put out over emcee’s opening persuasive speech 9 letters ELOQUENCE
Flavouring ingredient the writer’s upheld in article 5 letters THYME
Article on bungled capture is initially aiding recovery 11 letters THERAPEUTIC
Working party’s tense attempt to see church 9 letters TASKFORCE
Uncertain quantities supplied by eccentric character in remote region 9 letters WILDCARDS
Italian city criminal stifling expression of surprise 8 letters FLORENCE
Collection of information is in French? Really enjoy getting on top of that 6 letters DIGEST
College splitting in two parts for nobleman 5 letters DUCAL
Fake source of energy? Disgraceful! 5 letters SHAME

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