The Independents Cryptic Crossword February 28 2021 Answers

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The Independent’s Cryptic Crossword February 28 2021 Answers:

Prime Minister has sex appeal in part 4 letters PITT
Matthew perhaps sliced bananas holding one with pressure 8 letters DISCIPLE
Requiring lots of hands to rub in Vaseline all over the place 15 letters LABOURINTENSIVE
Hurt leg – I knocked over Greek character’s organ 9 letters HARMONIUM
Minute hole in one weapon 4 letters MACE
Strain from boy holding rake? On the contrary 7 letters ROULADE
Legs it upstairs welcoming part of a keep-fit routine? 6 letters SITUPS
1960s model ignoring fashion for seafood 6 letters SHRIMP
Soldier’s gun returned by a king 7 letters REGULAR
Support for Portugal 4 letters PROP
Is soldier for example retreating after duke’s ridicule? 9 letters DISPARAGE
New torn leather dad? Need this? 15 letters NEEDLEANDTHREAD
Delay the man’s opening of international gallery? 8 letters HESITATE
Postpone visit 4 letters STAY
Sanctimonious learner caught formidable fish 8 letters PILCHARD
Flower from wood miles away 5 letters TIBER
Narrow strip of land connecting areas is therefore restricting motorway 7 letters ISTHMUS
New Tory campaign he’s filming 14 letters CINEMATOGRAPHY
Head teacher’s rule read aloud 9 letters PRINCIPAL
Woman put on new uniform 4 letters EVEN
Captain may need this gun with plan to purchase one 14 letters AUTOMATICPILOT
Drop trousers I had split 6 letters DIVIDE
Take reins off a horse? Nun’s ordered nothing’s removed 9 letters UNHARNESS
Hairy fly in red cordial 8 letters FRIENDLY
Set of audio files – quiet with almost strange pitch 7 letters PODCAST
River ultimately where small fish live 6 letters RESIDE
Beer crate oddly dropped on one’s toes 5 letters ALERT
Bird taking top off for creep 4 letters INCH

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