The Independents Cryptic Crossword February 23 2021 Answers

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The Independent’s Cryptic Crossword February 23 2021 Answers:

Mad? As mad as Fanny perhaps 5 letters ADAMS
Clues note Psyche and suchlike for starters 4 letters TIPS
Bit of magic from outside right said Mark Wright 5 letters TRICK
Writers putting Nightingale in Berkeley Square originally 4 letters NIBS
13 week period of not quite mutual admiration finally shattered 6 letters AUTUMN
Surveillance job with second coffee option provides clue to theme 8 letters STAKEOUT
Free guitarist? Being given one for nothing gets rude rejection 7 letters KISSOFF
Stick ultimately one used in running slope 7 letters SKIPOLE
Deny struggling with Melancholy and Indolence initially performing as a handsome youth 8 letters ENDYMION
Chain or whip when not extremely penal 6 letters CATENA
Was happy with new pen? 4 letters SWAN
Near neighbour of Douglas’s about to get some 6A 5 letters SLEEP
Russian city cloaked in returning thick smog 4 letters OMSK
John recited with some force that’s clear 5 letters LUCID
Playwright unknown in China? 7 letters POTTERY
Fans missing dark beer drinks 4 letters SUPS
Poet briefly working as comedian 6 letters KEATON
Good person briefly supporting a Lake Poet’s most lofty expression 7 letters AERIEST
Linklater’s content to respond cheekily 8 letters TALKBACK
Win audience with small number that we hear might be Grecian 4 letters EARN
Spurs game I must lampoon ironically at first 7 letters STIMULI
Setter blocked in by bus before lunchtime cycling in Romanian city 5 letters SIBIU
Retract Nancy’s article for instance 5 letters UNSAY
Former postman one now living abroad 5 letters EXPAT
Suddenly gets angry obscure fish appearing in reverse 8 letters FLIPSIDE
Male or female Lydians reimagined by poet 7 letters LINDSAY
Making new sort of punk met Shaggy! 7 letters UNKEMPT
Post from one we love 5 letters NEWEL
Heads are those of Cupid and Psyche inscribed To Apollo 6 letters CAPITA
Part of 16 needing some bottle – and cheek! 4 letters NECK
Bits of old verse periodically appearing as part of today’s theme 4 letters ODES

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