The Independents Cryptic Crossword December 9 2022 Answers

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The Independents Cryptic Crossword December 9 2022 Answers:

Spectators’ disapproval taps into poor performance by runner 12 letters SLOWHANDCLAP
Take home a type of car? 4 letters MAKE
Crustacean programme mostly bearing fruit 9 letters CRABAPPLE
One getting metal 6 letters COPPER
Youngster taking summer treats around large and small rooms 8 letters CUBICLES
Ruin just after blocking military conflict 10 letters DISHARMONY
Pedestrian both feet slipping to get animated 4 letters WAKE
Dull end to game – but a decisive one! 4 letters MATE
Make clear sounds in small pieces avoiding piano 10 letters ARTICULATE
Tank operator is filling a quantity of water 8 letters AQUARIST
Gold in bulk leads to dangerous situation 6 letters MORASS
Apparently allowed bird in part of orchard 9 letters APPLETREE
Sense displayed in accommodating a delay 4 letters WAIT
Take lead role in rigging awards system? 12 letters DOTHEHONOURS
Story King extracted from some European subject 8 letters LIEGEMAN
Scottish town: it may flare up with match over 4 letters WICK
American laid out insane sum for a secretary 10 letters AMANUENSIS
Get darker and crude engaged in row 6 letters DRAWIN
Island where China holds Tibetan priest? Just the reverse 7 letters LAPALMA
Instruction for launch possibly providing form of publicity 12 letters PRESSRELEASE
Grounds affected our team 6 letters CAMPUS
Expert framing poster may possibly proceed to lift recognition of film’s excellence 12 letters ACADEMYAWARD
Showman one more involved with Paris 10 letters IMPRESARIO
Harbour vessel repurposed by military for contention 8 letters TUGOFWAR
Exact time to accept lawmaker making boast 7 letters TRUMPET
Activity engaging a US serviceman is moving slowly 6 letters ADAGIO
Stop releases being broadcast on radio 6 letters FREEZE

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