The Independents Cryptic Crossword December 2 2021 Answers

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The Independents Cryptic Crossword December 2 2021 Answers:

Cast aside – is not happy on the surface 6 letters DISOWN
Lazy start – sweethearts turn over and don’t get up 7 letters SLEEPIN
They’re blown away by bubbly person Helen used regularly 10 letters ALPENHORNS
Queen of Jordan once reflecting on men 4 letters NOOR
Right way to enter – take note 6 letters LISTEN
Win heart cavorting naked? 8 letters INTHERAW
Intelligence attracts me Alexa – opus is fantastic 11 letters SAPIOSEXUAL
Catch fish after net’s torn 8 letters ENTANGLE
That is poor rounding on Brydon’s latest impressions 6 letters NIELLI
Most of celebrity magazine’s awful 4 letters HELL
Compile? It’s easy! (He’s looking for an argument) 10 letters POLEMICIST
Old power in America is surprisingly regressive 7 letters PRUSSIA
Runs in sees displays 6 letters SPORTS
Beef with teacher – access to computer not good 7 letters SIRLOIN
Grand – United lost! 4 letters GONE
Fancy quietly going home at end of evening? Lovely! 10 letters ENCHANTING
Extra studies hold up government-appointed ‘expert’ 4 letters TSAR
I agree with cutting trees 4 letters YEWS
Name poses problem at Chinese border – might this enable access? 10 letters OPENSESAME
Roman occasionally loud unfortunately but rarely wicked 7 letters UNMORAL
Duck for us – maintaining standard in restaurant 10 letters TEAPARLOUR
Problem children 5 letters ISSUE
Linnaeus maybe wrong in principle – nothing to prevent one seeing clearly 10 letters TAXONOMIST
Nice one! Actor Martin ultimately perfect for Shaggy 7 letters UNKEMPT
Secret place Oscar’s approaching 7 letters CLOSETO
One’s spent after exercise like this 4 letters PESO
See nothing overcoming intelligence 4 letters LOAF
Cabbage and pastry? That’s not unknown 4 letters CHOU

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