The Independents Cryptic Crossword August 6 2022 Answers

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The Independents Cryptic Crossword August 6 2022 Answers:

I’ll exercise instinct with analysis of petals? 14 letters PLANTSCIENTIST
Ah how lovely to be kept waiting! 5 letters ONICE
American base assigned message-carrier and writer ID 8 letters USERNAME
Husband at hand timeless chap 6 letters HOWARD
Come to stretch of circular river 6 letters ARRIVE
Get to take Romeo north this the setting for new match? 11 letters GRETNAGREEN
It originates in Wales – yes then heading for England 3 letters WYE
Man doing U-turn is back in band 3 letters SID
You and I are about 16 allegedly mean to one old tramp 11 letters WEARYWILLIE
Set routine to enjoy being a cat 6 letters GROOVE
Welshman of words granted degrees 6 letters THOMAS
The ladies’ yen having to go for one? 8 letters LOVERBOY
Singer-songwriter given to twitching? 5 letters BIRDY
Swing trad bebop etc etc 14 letters ANDALLTHATJAZZ
Reason to support fine university type 4 letters PROF
Do you wish me to leave my friend? 5 letters AMIGO
What about getting in a couple of old stars? 7 letters THEWAIN
Finishing touch: glass bowl adorned with raised diamonds 11 letters COUPDEGRACE
Look on 16 with a different partner 3 letters EYE
Who might it be jamming joint? Bud 7 letters TENDRON
The beginning or the end of Welsh rugby? 9 letters SEMIVOWEL
Town by the way with a detached arts complex 11 letters ABERYSTWYTH
One point against OAPs? 5 letters AGIST
Only some of the lenders who countenanced innumerable new sailings? 5 letters HELEN
Provision for retirement party fancy red wine being passed round 9 letters EIDERDOWN
One who’s barking having sex change wants a throwing stick 7 letters WOOMERA
A wee nip leaves me high? 7 letters INORBIT
Time invested in some music halls 5 letters ATRIA
Public outcry about booze you will consume? 4 letters OYEZ
Origins of Biological Evolution – lecturer is sound 3 letters BEL

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