The Independents Cryptic Crossword August 3 2021 Answers

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The Independents Cryptic Crossword August 3 2021 Answers:

Priest guards naughty steps in Rio 7 letters LAMBADA
Roundabout very like one’s stuck in the night before 7 letters EVASIVE
Ring our lot about piano piece 4 letters OPUS
US composer’s chosen eccentric Austrian one 10 letters SCHOENBERG
Miss a grand perhaps 6 letters JOANNA
Picky types hold this stag party getting nothing back 8 letters MANDOLIN
Parent adrift approaching river entrance 9 letters ENRAPTURE
They designed fiddles somewhat melodramatically 5 letters AMATI
Handle plant store standard goods and cattle 5 letters STOCK
Greek king insignificant person almost a hero 9 letters PYGMALION
Product of Gilbert heading off with it 8 letters LIBRETTI
Fair to be arranged with sign outside 6 letters NOTBAD
American in charge of old journal blocks my study 10 letters MUSICOLOGY
Section of choir temporarily recalled group 4 letters TRIO
Leading economist briefly goes over books 7 letters KEYNOTE
One in drama at sea line astern? 7 letters ADMIRAL
Poet’s current service inspires old long-distance caller 7 letters ALPHORN
Bowl brilliant opener when batting 5 letters BASIN
Soprano’s brought in to transfer top notes 7 letters DESCANT
After contest woman raised capital 6 letters VIENNA
Below par albums Ron scrapped 9 letters SUBNORMAL
Court supporting Italian barman’s decision 7 letters VERDICT
Who’d rewrite my revised 10? 13 letters THEMERRYWIDOW
Agree with boss pointing up instrument 9 letters ACCORDION
Champion melody impressing member 7 letters TRIBUNE
Well-off male like Polyphemus losing heart 7 letters MONEYED
Music-maker’s old vehicle trendy one 7 letters OCARINA
Mike opens fizzy stout the greatest 6 letters UTMOST
Old king has what’s needed erected all at once 5 letters TUTTI

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