The Independents Cryptic Crossword August 2 2021 Answers

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The Independents Cryptic Crossword August 2 2021 Answers:

Popular tenor interrupting period of success by choice 6 letters DAINTY
Earliest of books doesn’t have enough on each significant body of water 8 letters BLACKSEA
Adele occasionally accommodated by fruit seller 6 letters PEDLAR
Head of Institute finding nothing about glass substitute unfavourable 8 letters INIMICAL
Count to divulge confidential information 4 letters TELL
Actively pursued question about commercial featuring foxes for instance 10 letters QUADRUPEDS
Regard Labour leader in Lincoln as worthy of respect 12 letters CONSIDERABLE
Someone favoured hiding deserter in abandoned parsonage 12 letters PERSONAGRATA
Calm and positive after the Spanish exam 10 letters ELEVENPLUS
Concern for tree close to stream 4 letters FIRM
Astonished by work in French? I’d say 8 letters OPENEYED
US patriot always flanked by soldiers 6 letters REVERE
Difficult task to find a piece of yellow elastic 8 letters STRETCHY
Tasteless articles looking into South American’s importance in society 6 letters STATUS
Pickpocket’s account of a fool 8 letters DIPSTICK
Disliking work? Manage to stop during period of fasting 8 letters INDOLENT
Make an effort to take in launch of aircraft carrier 4 letters TRAY
Unduly protracted line about disease consuming Haggard 12 letters LONGDRAWNOUT
Arrived to arrest Unionist draped in old Irish tricolour perhaps as disguise 10 letters CAMOUFLAGE
Feel pain during kinky sex with American boss 6 letters SACHEM
Return of volunteers to continue after much delay 6 letters ATLAST
Head of state school admitting Sociology’s first to go in outline of government’s agenda 12 letters QUEENSSPEECH
Very energetic new deputy 10 letters VICEGERENT
Demonstrate when party’s declaration of intent falls short 8 letters MANIFEST
Weapon left in the possession of Deputy Führer unlikely to cause any damage 8 letters HARMLESS
Contribute to endless books on Scotland’s earliest serfs 6 letters HELOTS
Facing material damage to revenue after United’s exit 6 letters VENEER
Pressure to show spirit right away 4 letters HEAT

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