The Independents Cryptic Crossword August 18 2022 Answers

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The Independents Cryptic Crossword August 18 2022 Answers:

Dish served in nightclub tip for service not included 6 letters HOTPOT
Gossip about problem before bit of a kip 8 letters CHITCHAT
Get back to Queen after America’s position changes 6 letters REGAIN
Go bonkers with fiasco following White House volteface? 8 letters FLIPFLOP
Hotel north of the border (not self-catering) is a bit warm 7 letters HOTTISH
Faint copy almost sent out 7 letters SYNCOPE
Minor once recalled breaking into a let ripping tiling? 12 letters TESSELLATION
Possibly let Adrian nap before dinner 12 letters ANTEPRANDIAL
Twisted defrocked parson fuelling uproar 7 letters HELICAL
US city in Maine chaotic without a hospital 7 letters ANAHEIM
Item for saving lion and tiger say that’s not working 8 letters LIFELINE
Nothing at all still shortly around one o’clock? 6 letters FACIAL
Charged or confused when police chief absconds 8 letters INSTINCT
WAGs perhaps quickly run setter over 6 letters HAREEM
Former leader of hard tax officials tense in a state 8 letters HIROHITO
Rather neat hose wrapped round middle of conical hydrant 8 letters TIGHTISH
Neat dies I cast become rusty 7 letters OXIDISE
Lent ultimately having had extremely risky outlays collapsing 12 letters HOLYSATURDAY
Cheers horse — mine of sorts? 7 letters TAPINTO
Hungry Hippo empty and d-depressed? 6 letters HOLLOW
Did ewe turn up outside department? Au contraire 6 letters TUPPED
Greek prince and daughter of Zeus I see around lake loving Greek culture 12 letters PHILHELLENIC
Realistic 24 king taking knight? 8 letters LIFELIKE
Nonsense movie on endless love getting one demoted 8 letters FLIMFLAM
Parts of plant eccentric Uncle Israel pulled up 7 letters NUCELLI
Falls in war against rising 7 letters NIAGARA
Short feature about unfavourable hot dish 6 letters CHILLI
Banks deceive customers when closing? 6 letters BLUFFS

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