The Independents Cryptic Crossword April 8 2021 Answers

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The Independent’s Cryptic Crossword April 8 2021 Answers:

Perhaps cursory work for the young 12 letters NURSERYRHYME
Drop of continental perfume 7 letters DESCENT
Picked up grass with garden tool – I’m resigned to it! 7 letters HEIGHHO
Attraction touring Spain is relaxation 7 letters LEISURE
Character’s lost outside after 31 days in band 7 letters OCTETTE
Cheer say with drink getting knocked back 5 letters EGGON
Soak Britain later in seawater island swallowed 9 letters INEBRIATE
Van of Amazon figure in old African region before delivery 9 letters ANTENATAL
Work to keep little animal outside window 5 letters POPUP
Come into home solitary maiden leaves 7 letters INHERIT
One remarkably animated in party given drink 7 letters GALATEA
Two different versions of European material 7 letters GERMANE
Stops short on theory oddly 7 letters TERMINI
Fractious Mourinho in as fans out 12 letters INHARMONIOUS
We’re told any singer’s building a tree house 7 letters NESTING
Painter’s awful ear injury 7 letters RAEBURN
Hardliner wants exit terms renegotiated 9 letters EXTREMIST
Ruffian provides company online 5 letters YAHOO
Guy involved in job there is at work 7 letters HEISTER
Sage Derby say eaten by parent 7 letters MAHATMA
Mixing English in sign a film’s unsuitable for kids? 12 letters ADULTERATING
To do with politician stopping as he is suffering too much stress 12 letters OVEREMPHASIS
Gutted Estonian to cheer up and act as informer 9 letters ENLIGHTEN
What monarch wears brown in the capital? 7 letters TEHERAN
Trump’s head enhaloed in near bliss 7 letters NIRVANA
In more need of sunshine doctor in seaside city 7 letters PALERMO
Pastries with excessive filling where toddlers go 7 letters POTTIES
A certain military group getting some heat 5 letters THERM

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