The Independents Cryptic Crossword April 17 2021 Answers

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The Independent’s Cryptic Crossword April 17 2021 Answers:

Cause of 318 it’s been claimed – crass! Please go for treatment 12 letters SPACE LASERS
Rector charging hundred for rent 4 letters TORN
City junior left out what crook might be doing with money 10 letters LAUNDERING
Has to move a long way back for descendants of Muhammad 6 letters ASHRAF
Cry of anguish during row – becoming more sensitive 8 letters TOUCHIER
Carlyle maybe covering original matter 4 letters YLEM
Potter’s wife and daughter in valley 6 letters DAWDLE
Tree burning – 27 content partially? 6 letters LITCHI
Was due to read out lines 3 letters ODE
Force to stop misrepresentation – go! 4 letters LIFE
Crack on right – English runner going a long way round 8 letters ONELINER
Cake’s smell I’m not too sure about 6 letters MUFFIN
One lacking attacked this rich old member of family responsible for 14 allegedly 10 letters ROTHSCHILD
Romeo’s time for passion 4 letters RAGE
Escort out pretty unpleasant person 6 letters SCROTE
Liberal not present – that’s handy 5 letters OFUSE
One flaming woman – Marjorie – initially kept in picture? That’s taking a broad view 9 letters PANORAMIC
Statesman shot African lion 11 letters CALIFORNIAN
See 28 3 letters AND
Cycling race at home ground 5 letters EARTH
Swimmer in northern city upset about article 7 letters SANDEEL
Little bit extra? Son’s grabbed 50! 6 letters MORSEL
Bit loopy endlessly untrue rambling – best say no more! 13 letters BUTTONYOURLIP
Crazy dame found defending subject never previously considered 11 letters UNDREAMEDOF
Dead tree involved in trickery with others ultimately – ecological disaster 9 letters WILDFIRES
Kind of rock music essentially gone weird 7 letters IGNEOUS
Female Republican in Georgia’s unconventional 6 letters FRINGE
Scorer Henry cuts a tragic figure 5 letters LEHAR
Share a new doctor – French one didn’t hang around 13 letters

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