The Independents Cryptic Crossword April 13 2021 Answers

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The Independent’s Cryptic Crossword April 13 2021 Answers:

Five yoga exercises on European cruise 6 letters VOYAGE
Broadcast mike in a van 8 letters TRANSMIT
Transcend extravagant endless pain 8 letters OUTREACH
District attorney initially thinks I have a case 6 letters DATIVE
Smart game to play outside 6 letters SNAPPY
How rook flapping by motorway gets a parasite 8 letters HOOKWORM
Like a member of the military? 4 letters ARMY
At any time that is weird 5 letters EERIE
Greeny-yellow mucus after wiping top of sleeve 4 letters LIME
Half out of uniform ointment on cut leg’s rough 8 letters UNGENTLE
Security needed for place on the border 6 letters PLEDGE
Struggle to keep dry in a load of hay? 6 letters BATTLE
Proof of a base immorality around hideout 8 letters EVIDENCE
Russian fighter speeds and leaves country 8 letters MIGRATES
Charlie like so often needing us to go easy 6 letters CASUAL
Like these down entries and calm our nerves just a bit churned up 8 letters COLUMNAR
Fungus perhaps mostly evenly dispersed 10 letters SAPROPHYTE
What’s left for instance in puddled clay 6 letters LEGACY
Cut out central section of rough drawings 4 letters ETCH
Attire of doctor in conflict with honour 8 letters WARDROBE
Independent’s new head of telesales? On the contrary 4 letters ISNT
A metal splinter I picked up 6 letters SILVER
Many a white one’s seen from rocky shore 5 letters HORSE
Gnu edible when minced in boiled stew 10 letters WILDEBEEST
Take food into doorway for begging 8 letters ENTREATY
Wizard guy conceals all-American private intelligence 8 letters MAGICIAN
Vitamin in one way and another gives protection for a cold 6 letters NIACIN
Royal Navy invested in value 6 letters PRINCE
It’s ending in aftermath 4 letters TERM

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