The Independents Concise Crossword September 26 2020 Answers

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The Independent’s Concise Crossword September 26 2020 Answers

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Amount of medicine 4 letters DOSE
Church passageway 5 letters AISLE
Satiated 7 letters REPLETE
Joyful hymn 5 letters CAROL
Estate-owning aristocrats 12 letters LANDEDGENTRY
Mother or father 6 letters PARENT
Closed meeting 6 letters CAUCUS
Mental capacity 12 letters INTELLIGENCE
Arm support 5 letters SLING
Power source 7 letters BATTERY
Daisylike flower 5 letters ASTER
Vital point 4 letters CRUX
Venture 4 letters DARE
Reddish-brown pigment 5 letters SEPIA
Order of business 6 letters AGENDA
Spies 12 letters SECRETAGENTS
Inconsistent 7 letters ERRATIC
Important figure 12 letters LEADINGLIGHT
Famous underwriters 6 letters LLOYDS
Fussy and prim 6 letters PRISSY
Greek wine 7 letters RETSINA
Wood 6 letters TIMBER
Lucid 5 letters CLEAR
Feline mammal 4 letters LYNX

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