The Independents Concise Crossword October 31 2020 Answers

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The Independent’s Concise Crossword October 31 2020 Answers

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Elflike creature 6 letters SPRITE
Meadow 3 letters LEA
Prima donna 4 letters DIVA
Monarch’s daughter 8 letters PRINCESS
Butterfly larva 11 letters CATERPILLAR
Covered shopping area 6 letters ARCADE
Acceptable currency 11 letters LEGALTENDER
Change to a gaseous state 8 letters VAPORISE
Immense 4 letters VAST
Still 3 letters YET
Last 6 letters ENDURE
Spectre 7 letters PHANTOM
Little devil 3 letters IMP
Get rid of 9 letters ELIMINATE
Regional 5 letters LOCAL
Confident 7 letters ASSURED
Metal 4 letters ZINC
Hideous 9 letters REPULSIVE
Cradle song 7 letters LULLABY
Corpse 7 letters CADAVER
Spirit 5 letters GHOST
Stand up 4 letters RISE
Death 3 letters END

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