The Independents Concise Crossword October 16 2021 Answers

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The Independents Concise Crossword October 16 2021 Answers:

Stopping device 5 letters BRAKE
Russian plain 6 letters STEPPE
Couple 4 letters PAIR
Course outline 8 letters SYLLABUS
Boundary 9 letters PERIMETER
Perceive 6 letters DETECT
Plasterer’s tool 6 letters TROWEL
Go around 9 letters CIRCULATE
Mistaken idea 8 letters DELUSION
Stitched join 4 letters SEAM
Playful 6 letters FRISKY
Extended period in bed 5 letters LIEIN
Jewellery item 8 letters BRACELET
Commercial plane 8 letters AIRLINER
Come next 5 letters ENSUE
Conspicuous 7 letters SALIENT
Dutch cheese 4 letters EDAM
Rain heavily 4 letters POUR
Come together 8 letters COALESCE
Hold back 8 letters RESTRAIN
Group of three 7 letters TRINITY
Artificial waterway 5 letters CANAL
Low dam 4 letters WEIR
Ado 4 letters FUSS

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