The Independents Concise Crossword November 25 2022 Answers

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The Independents Concise Crossword November 25 2022 Answers:

Gratingly harsh 6 letters HOARSE
Go away! 4 letters SHOO
Marsupial 8 letters KANGAROO
Operatic song 4 letters ARIA
Rule 10 letters REGULATION
Peruse 6 letters BROWSE
Tent fabric 6 letters CANVAS
Drunk 10 letters INEBRIATED
Luggage item 4 letters CASE
Hold back 8 letters RESTRAIN
Charges 4 letters FEES
Long pin used on a spit 6 letters SKEWER
Verbal 4 letters ORAL
Scoundrel 5 letters ROGUE
Along the way 7 letters ENROUTE
Eared seal 7 letters SEALION
Eastern 8 letters ORIENTAL
Couch 4 letters SOFA
Annoy 8 letters IRRITATE
But on the other hand 7 letters WHEREAS
Car’s frame 7 letters CHASSIS
Very lightly cooked 4 letters RARE
Weird 5 letters EERIE
Quote 4 letters CITE

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