The Independents Concise Crossword March 6 2021 Answers

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The Independent’s Concise Crossword March 6 2021 Answers:

Row 4 letters TIER
Bobbed down 6 letters DUCKED
Bird of prey 6 letters FALCON
Golf clubs 5 letters IRONS
Repetition of first letters 12 letters ALLITERATION
Street seller 6 letters HAWKER
Base coat (of paint) 6 letters PRIMER
Race over open ground 12 letters CROSSCOUNTRY
Fruit 5 letters APPLE
Sufficient 6 letters ENOUGH
Bare 4 letters NUDE
Considering everything 5 letters INALL
Take delivery of 7 letters RECEIVE
Peril 6 letters DANGER
Porcelain 5 letters CHINA
Self-centredness 7 letters EGOTISM
Miscellaneous 6 letters SUNDRY
Latin-American dance 6 letters CHACHA
Dilapidated 7 letters RUNDOWN
Rule 6 letters GOVERN
Very steep 5 letters SHEER
Stiff 5 letters RIGID

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